Gifts for Nursing Home Staff

National Nursing Home Week - May 8-14, 2022

Recognize every member of your Nursing Home staff with unique and affordable gifts. Add a special message with your facility's name to hundreds of great gift ideas.
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National Nursing Home Week Staff Gifts

Round the clock staffing at nursing homes throughout the country means that there are many employees who care for our elderly citizens in their twilight years. National Nursing Home Week is annual event that offers you the opportunity to reach out to those nurses, housekeepers, orderlies, food service staff members activity professionals and administrative staff who provide top care to residents while maintaining a clean and happy atmosphere.

Nursing Home Week can be celebrated as simply as distributing stickers to residents and staff to mark the week long event, or by putting on a full recognition event including a luncheon with appreciation gifts for nursing home staff. Because nursing home facilities operate around the clock, each employee shift can be treated to a party. Residents and families can be invited as well, so that they can also show their thankfulness for these dedicated staff members.

Becoming more popular as community residences for the elderly, nursing homes are no longer a place for the sick and infirmed. Residents benefit from an engaged staff, participating in activities, going on field trips and having parties like the one planned for Nursing Home Week.