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Earth Day April 22, 2020

Help to send a message while protecting our earth. Eco-friendly promotional items allow you to advertise your business, reward employees or raise awareness while helping to protect our environment. Recycled sports bottles, bags and pens are made from materials that are either reused or reusable and biodegradable. Add the recycled logo to show that you are behind saving our world for generations to come.

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Eco-Friendly Promotional Ideas

Earth Day is an event that immediately draws political interest. But besides the partisan opinions on what is best for the environment, Earth Day provides an opportunity for schools, community organizations and businesses to reflect upon how they interact with the earth and what they can do to make a positive impact. From offices looking to reduce their carbon footprint to students pitching in to reduce the waste produced at school and at home, everyone can pitch in to raise awareness and improve the earth.

In schools, educators can raise eco-friendly awareness by setting up activities that let students know the consequences of their actions on the environment. From picking up trash and not littering to reusing and recycling, educators can build a foundation for caring for the earth that will endure into adult lives. Reminder gifts can help reinforce the Earth Environmental message with kids. Students love stickers and silicone bracelets, making them the perfect giveaways for the event.