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Teacher Appreciation Week, May 1-5, 2023

Outside of family and close friends, there are few people in a young person's life that have more of a profound effect then teachers. Most kids spend at least seven hours of their day, five days a week at school under the guidance of educators and school staff members. And a good percentage of these students spend more time after school in activities, sports and homework groups with those same teachers. With that kind of influence and responsibility, it is vital to keep school professionals motivated and appreciated. Show your appreciation and recognition by rewarding teachers and school staff members with our specially designed gifts available in bulk or small quantities. Or choose from thousands of gift ideas that can be personalized with your own art or sentiments.
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Teacher & School Staff Appreciation Gifts

Being a school teacher, administrator or support staff member is one of the most unheralded and under appreciated professions, yet these career professionals play such a key role in the growth and development of every child and young adult. We all can remember at least one teacher in our lives that made a difference in our lives. Maybe we are where we are today because of the lessons and motivation we received from one very special educator. Showing recognition to the teachers and school staff who mold young student’s minds is a practice that should be happening throughout the year. But Teacher and School Staff Appreciation Week is a special event that offers administrators, parents and students the opportunity to make their teachers feel special.

With a selection of teacher appreciation gifts that can be custom printed with a slogan of thanks for teachers, the gift for Teachers Appreciation Week can be as personal as the message of thanks. Teachers and school staff members will enjoy the special sentiments of thanks and at the same time, school budgets will not be broken in the process. There are plenty of teacher gifts under 5 dollars, all pre-decorated or ready to be personalized with a positive message. Distributing a budget friendly teacher gift that has been packaged with decorations, or left in mailboxes as surprises, will make each item even more appreciated.

By putting creative minds to work, planning a memorable recognition event is easy. Select a few promotional products as teacher gift ideas, and bring them to a planning meeting. Combining unique awards with event ideas will result in a full week of fun and pride-inspiring activities. Saying thanks to teachers will go beyond the Teacher Appreciation Week event and provide recognition throughout the year, each time a specially designed mug or carryall bag is used. Promos On-Time is proud to offer the largest selection of exclusively decorated teachers gifts. Many items are available in low minimum quantities, while all items including personalized teacher gifts offer substantial savings when ordered in bulk.