Trade Show Giveaways and Convention Promotional Items

Who's got the best swag? For many businesses, trade shows and conventions may be the only time you have a chance to greet existing clients and meet new ones. Consider promotional products for your booth or exhibit as a way to attract visitors and remember you long after your show, convention or conference. Worried about traveling with boxes of promotional products? No worries... we can ship directly to your convention hall or hotel.

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Trade Show Giveaways & Convention Swag

Draw more folks to your exhibit and send them home with a reminder to contact you for products and services. Promotional products provide a proven means to attract traffic to your booth which leads to more prospects and sales.

Some of the most popular choices of trade show giveaways include tote bags to hold handouts from not only your booth, but others'. Your company name and logo will be seen down every row of the convention hall right out the doorways into the lobbies. Other promotional merchandise that is effective at conventions includes lanyards for carrying badges along with pens, magnets and candy. Wrapped chocolates and mints may be discarded, but they are very effective at drawing more people your way. You never know which hungry trade show attendee may stumble onto your products and services because of a nickel candy!

While there are thousands of promo items to choose from for your convention, it is important to consider your audience and your goal. Some products are great getting people to you while others are ideal for going back to the office and serving as reminders to use your services. A good mix of well thought handouts will make a measurable difference to your trade show success. Promos On-Time offers thousands of promotional product ideas that will be effective trade show and convention giveaways. Our specially trained sales counselors will be happy to help you choose the best options to draw clients and prospects to your exhibit.