Custom Face Masks

Promote the health and well being of clients, staff, patients, students and community members with custom imprinted face masks and coverings. Your logo or message will be seen during public transit commutes, in classes and meetings, at games or when walking down the street. By wearing a mask, you are part of the solution to eliminate the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus and other airborne pathogens by blocking coughs and sneezes.
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Personalized Face Masks

Give the gift of health, safety and well being by distributing face masks and protective covering to every member of your workforce, student body, health care system and the entire community. Promotional face masks tell recipients that you care about them and everyone they come in contact with.

In the time of a world-wide pandemic, during flu season or even for entering polluted areas and construction sites, face masks help to protect wearers by blocking transmission both inbound and outbound. And while it is not a 100% guarantee, wearing face masks certainly improves the odds of ending an epidemic and reducing the spread of viruses and germs.

Our quality face masks come in a wide choice of colors, materials, styles and custom print options. Choose from disposable or reusable and washable masks. Order blank, print your own logo or message or take advantage of our popular and effective pre-printed theme masks and distribute to employees, students, clients, guests, patients, family members, friends and everyone else.