Custom Flashlights & LED Lights

Promotional flashlights are a bright giveaway idea to promote your business, organization or safety message. Available in a variety of models, imprinted flashlights come attached to key chains, with LED lights, in metal and plastic, as well as rechargeable styles. Hand flashlights out to employees at your next recognition event or safety meeting to shine a light on your message.
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Custom Carabiner Flashlight Combo
Custom Carabiner Flashlight Combo
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Promotional Flashlights & Custom LED Lights

Promotional flashlights are an essential item that everyone should have on their key ring, in their home and at the office. You never know when you, your staff or customers will be in a situation where they need a little light. Maybe they need to find their keys to their car or front door. Or maybe a power outage or emergency situation creates a need for evacuating and a flashlight is the only guide for leading people to safety.

Custom flashlights are available in economical versions with strong LED bulbs or super durable aluminum models that stand the test of time. From key tag and miniature size to full size that can light up a parking lot, promotional flashlights make wonderful safety incentives that should be kept in the car, workplace and in the home.

In addition to a wide choice of styles and functionalities, most custom flashlights are available in many colors and allow enough room for you to print your logo and a message. Why not stress a safety message that can be used to help prepare your community for any situation. Imprinted flashlights and key tag lights are not only great giveaways for trade shows and sales calls, but they make wonderful message tools for fire departments, law enforcement agencies and EMT companies.