Custom Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers make a useful and effective way giveaway item to promote good hygiene while advertising a company or distributing a health care institutions' contact information. Available in customizable bottles and packets, these hand sanitizer gels and lotions will be come part of a recipients' daily routine, getting you logo or message seen.

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Make a Clean Statement at Your Next Promotion With Custom Hand Sanitizer

The concern with cleanliness is common among us all. Corporate executives who shake hands at business meetings, educators who interact with dozens of children on a daily basis or just a person going to a public restroom can all benefit from a bottle of hand sanitizer gel. A custom hand sanitizer can be handed out as a promotional item or a convenience to employees, trade show attendees or through community outreach organizations in hopes of stemming the spread of germs. Of course the best way to ensure hand cleanliness is by washing with soap and water, but in the absence of a convenient sink or soap, antibacterial gel or lotion will do the trick.

Business people are in a position where they meet numerous people, often on the run. From meetings to trade shows, these staff members greet coworkers, clients and network with associates, exchanging business cards and shaking hands. It is critical for good health to keep clean hands, not just for themselves but as a courtesy to the people they meet. Including promotional hand sanitizer packets or custom printed bottles of antibacterial gel in welcome bags or as trade show giveaways can go a long way towards keeping these interactions clean.

Schools and hospitals are the hosts of large populations on a daily basis. As a result, hand washing in these environments is especially important. From bathroom visits to lunch breaks; there are a number of high-risk areas that may harbor germs. Especially true in hospitals, the importance of hand sanitizers as a quick cleaner is critical. Pocket dispensers, filled with antibacterial gel and custom printed with a facility logo can help keep patients, students, visitors and staff safe and healthy.