Custom Drink Glassware

Promotional drinkware can be used to add a special gift to an event. Custom imprinted shot glasses, promotional tumblers, imprinted apothecary jars, personalized wine glasses, logo glass mugs and monogrammed martini drink glasses, all can carry a corporate logo or special message to a table setting at a corporate event, fundraiser, wedding, or prom. Let your custom imprint become a cherished souvenir by etching it on a promotional glass.

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Custom Drink Glasses

A special event calls for a special gift. Custom glasses put the perfect end to a celebration event, giving the guest a souvenir that will be cherished for years to come. A variety of promotional glasses are available to fit any number of celebration dinners and luncheons. From weddings to proms, reunions to retirements, these custom glasses are as unique as the events they honor. Planners can custom etch or print a corporate logo, organization name or the date of the event on wine glasses, shot glasses, champagne flutes or other custom drinkware.

Classic giveaways for dinner parties that are held by organizations, custom glasses can reward contributors to a cause, such as a fundraising dinner. Supporters can receive a souvenir honoring their gift or volunteerism, a custom glass that displays the logo of the organization as well as the purpose of their philanthropy. Guests will go home with a special glass that will serve to commemorate their work.

Custom glassware can serve as a corporate gift as well. Honoring a group of employees that achieved a goal or a selection of retiring staff members, custom glass mugs can be used after the ceremony, a continuing memento of their achievements. Corporate holiday gifts can come in the form of glasses as well. A pair of beer mugs or a set of custom shot glasses will make any customer remember your service fondly. Also, having the staff toast the new year with a custom champagne flute or wine glass is a great way to build pride in the organization.