Gifts for Activity Professionals

National Activity Professionals Week - January 23-29, 2022

Honor the activity professionals at your nursing home, hospice or hospital for their efforts in improving and enriching the daily lives of your patients and residents. This year's theme is 'Every Smile Makes a Difference'. Choose from a wide array of tasteful and budget friendly gifts that convey your heartfelt appreciation.
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Gifts To Thank Activity Professionals

There are many different staff members that contribute to the activity programs at health care facilities, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Occupational therapists, physical therapists, nursing staff and of course, activity professionals. For this reason, Activity Professionals Week should be a celebration of the certified and specifically employed activity professionals and also the other professionals that support the residents and patients' daily schedules. By extending the reach of this event, the true value of activities scheduling and activity professionals will get the recognition it deserves.

Activity professionals work with residents and patients to create a vibrant and active daily calendar. Improving the lives of those who may be reaching the final years of their lives or may be restricted by injury or illness, activity professionals deliver interesting and fun activities that will be universally applicable. Realizing that different patients and residents have varying levels of capability, these staff members customize the events they coordinate to be enjoyed by all involved.

Showing activity professionals appreciation during a recognition week can show them how much they mean to the people they serve. A symbol of thanks from residents in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other health care facilities can provide the sentiment of appreciation that let staff know their work is recognized.

Choose from a wide selection of exclusive 'Every Smile Makes a Difference' themed gifts, or choose from thousands of promotional products to customize with your own art and sentiments.