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Customer Service Week - October 3-7, 2022

Motivate, inspire and reward dedicated staff members during Customer Service Week with unique gift ideas. And make sure to decorate your facility with celebration items to remind everyone in your organization how vital these professionals are to your valued clients.
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Custom 16 oz. Slim Color Top Travel Mugs
Custom 16 oz. Slim Color Top Travel Mugs
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Customer Service Week Gifts

When is Customer Service Week?" For your clients and staff, it should be every week! It is true that celebrating excellent customer service should be a routine occurrence, but during the first week of every October, a special time for honoring dedicated professionals has been established to show your appreciation and continue to motivate and inspire. After all, customer service can actually help make or break an organization's success as the CS team is often the first and last line of defense.

The importance of your company or organization's customer service is so important, that careful time should be involved in planning a Customer Service Week staff appreciation celebration. Start by scheduling at least one event that every rep and other related employees, managers and executives can attend. Maybe break periods can involve a different theme each day like a bagel breakfast, pizza lunch, afternoon ice cream social. The week can be capped off with a rewards ceremony to show your appreciation with gifts that feature a motivational message.

Hang posters, banners and balloons throughout work areas, break rooms and entry ways to proclaim Customer Service Week as a recognized event at your facility. Fill bowls with lollipops, mints and other candies decorated with a Customer Service slogan or theme. Send emails out to employees to let them know your schedule of events and follow up each day with a motivational quote. Add fun activities that allow CS Reps and others in your organization to get to know each other better like name that baby photo, bring a favorite dish or act out a play or short musical to build camaraderie.

Our themes for 2022, "Excellence That Makes A Difference" and "Teamwork, Dedication, Excellence", among others are imprinted on a wide array of gift and decoration products including:
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  • Lunch bags, totes and backpacks
  • Lollipops, Mints, Candy Goody Bags
  • Posters, balloons and buttons
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