Personalized Wrapped Mints & Candy Tins

Custom packed mints and candy make great waiting room snacks, trade show giveaways, or employee gifts. Say thanks to customers for business or the hard work of your staff by distributing custom printed bags, tubes or tins of their favorite candy. Branded containers of candies are perfect to include in awareness event welcome tote bags or in displays at races and charity walks where sweet treats will provide a needed pick me up.

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Custom Printed Candy Tins

Custom mint tins are long lasting, unique giveaways that will enhance any event. Available in a wide range of styles, these brushed aluminum candy containers convey a higher perceived value than other promotional candies. Giving away packaged candy treats at a trade show, awareness event or as a party favor is a popular way of pairing a personalized message with a sweet gift. Mint tins accomplish this in a budget friendly, yet distinctive way, creating a memorable gift for recipients.

There are plenty of packaged candy giveaways and candy fills that are available in the promotional world. Cellophane, paper and plastic bags of candy are given out all the time and often can be printed directly on the wrapper or on an attached header card. Like tins, they also make an effective statement for your cause or as a clever gift for any party or celebration.

Mint tins and similar plastic containers have a way of hanging around. Made popular in the retail world by containing "curiously strong mints” and other candies, aluminum flip top tins with candy inside carry a high-perceived value. So when a budget friendly mint tin is given away as a party favor at a wedding or at a trade show table, attendees are bound to be impressed. Taking note of the custom printed logo they will appreciate the breath freshening gift as they make their way through the rest of the event.