Gifts for Nursing Assistants

National Nursing Assistants Week - June 17-23, 2021

Show your appreciation to all of your hard working nursing assistants, candy stripers and other support staff members with unique Nursing Assistants gifts. CNA (Certified Nursing Assistants) Week is the perfect time recognize the round-the-clock efforts of these dedicated professionals.
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National Nursing Assistants Week Gifts

National Nursing Assistants Week is an event dedicated to recognizing the efforts of Nursing Assistants and CNAs. Kicking off with Career Nursing Assistants Day, the week-long event offers health care organizations the chance to show these caregivers how much they mean to the patients they serve.

Providing compassion and care to our nation’s elderly, handicapped and chronically ill, nursing assistants operate in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and even in home care. Driven by a desire to help those who may not be able to help themselves, Nursing Assistants, CNAs and Nurses Aides receive daily satisfaction from those they care for. The reward of easing pain and providing help in daily tasks that we may take for granted is enough to motivate Nursing Assistants to "care for life,” becoming career caretakers.

Facilities, families and patients can formally show their appreciation to Nursing Assistants during CNA Week. Celebrating their work through luncheons, award dinners, and by giving them tokens of thanks. Special CNA Week gifts that communicate to these care givers the impact they have on the residents of hospices, nursing homes and palliative care facilities. Each NURSE assistant and aide will wear a custom t-shirt with pride, carry a tote bag that displays their profession, and enjoy their morning coffee a little more when they are a gift of recognition for the noble work they do.