Personalized Novelty Pens

Make your next promotional pen gift fun and unique. From funky head pens to springy fun pens, these promotional giveaways will bring a smile to everyone who receives them. Great handouts for students and at awareness events, these novelty pens will make an interesting impression.
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Personalized Guitar Pens
Personalized Guitar Pens
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Custom Screen Buddy Cleaner Pens
Custom Screen Buddy Cleaner Pens
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Custom Novelty Pens

The best part of handing out a unique novelty pen at an event is the expression on everyone's face as they receive it. This reaction of surprise and disbelief at the prospect of a funky head pen giveaway or a pen in the shape of a pickle is priceless and will leave an impression that won’t be forgotten. Personalized novelty pens come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, some of which fit in with a theme and others which are too crazy to be categorized.

Creative marketing geniuses will find instant applications for the selection of unique and fun pens. From natural pairings, such as a car shaped pen to promote an automotive company to the truly bizarre use of a banana shaped pen to promote an internet business, the possibilities are endless. Will everyone get the joke? Perhaps not, but the fact that the giveaway will raise eyebrows will enhance the pen’s desirability and create a buzz.

Not all novelty pens are shocking or funny, some are unique for their dual practicality. Hang a carabiner pen on a belt loop for a writing instrument on the go. Take note with a sticky note pen combo. These dual impact novelty pens will get double the usage, providing double the visibility for each promotional product.