Gifts for Medical Laboratory Week April 23-29, 2017

Lab professionals are often cooped up in a room with their computers, microscopes and other measuring equipment. Their findings on medical tests of all kinds helps Physicians and specialists to diagnose and find the remedy for patients in health care facilities. Reward lab staff members during National Medical Lab Week with useful gifts that will be appreciated on the job like coffee mugs and lunch bags.

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Show Medical Laboratory Staff How Much Their Work Is Appreciated With Custom Gift Ideas

The work of a medical laboratory professional is often overlooked. A behind the scenes process, the testing, bloodwork and other protocols that medical lab teams perform are the foundation of diagnosis and treatment. Dedicated lab staff work diligently to perform tests in the most accurate and detail oriented way. This attention to detail ensures that the results that are delivered are as reliable as possible. Showing these staff members how much they mean to the health care system is critical to inspiring them to continue their hard work.

National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week is an opportunity for these team members to be highlighted throughout health care facilities and hospitals. Decorating the halls with banners and posters announcing the event, patients and fellow helathcare staff will be given the chance to thank these lab professionals. Event activities such as breakfasts and luncheons to honor laboratory staff can feature custom printed gifts that are both sentimental and practical. With personalized messages and logos, a custom travel mug, lunch bag or messenger bag will be used by the lab staff member, while delivering its appreciation year round.

Another place to feature an appreciation message for medical lab staff is on their workstations. An area where they spend much of their time through long days, a lab work bench can become a highly personalized workspace. Desk accessories such as custom printed frames and stress balls will take a prominent place among the tools of their trade, showing off their personalized message of thanks every day.