Customized Chewing Gum

We all like gum, especially after we were told not to chew it in school! Many favorites like gum balls and Wrigley's sticks are available with a direct imprint or custom packaging to hand out at events, parties or awareness events.

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Personalized Gum Balls & Sticks Make Great Promo Giveaways

Chewing gum is one of the oldest treats and remains as popular as ever. Sometimes we all need a little flavor burst to get through the day, or maybe a little refreshment for the breath. Either way, chewing gum provides a few minutes of joy for everyone from childhood to adulthood.

It stands to reason that anything that good provides opportunities when it can be customized. Fortunately, chewing gum comes in a wide array of formats that allow for edible imprinting directly on the candy itself (gum balls) or on wrappers, tubes and tins. Your logo and a message will stand out when imprinted on a sliding container, clear plastic tube, wrapper or on a Wrigley's pack of stick gum.

Promotional gum makes an ideal giveaway for trade shows, conventions, company parties, wedding weekends or family picnics.