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Promotional Pens and Custom Pencils Make Your Point

The power of a promotional pen is hard to argue. The lifespan of a custom promotional pen has been proven to outlast almost all other promotional giveaways. The fact is that people love a good pen, becoming attached to it and tracking down those who attempt to steal it. Pens are effective tools to promote products, services, awareness causes and other initiatives, carrying contact information and logos while providing a practical use. Pens can be used for advertising or in its most traditional way, as a gift to mark achievements or success.

As a promotional giveaway, the distribution of a custom pen can be active or passive. Offered at trade shows as a traffic building giveaway, attendees will eagerly pick up a pen regardless of whether they need one or not. From budget pens to higher end metal pens, they will draw attention from customers and prospects, picked up for use at the show or back at the office. Passively, a custom pen can be used in a retail environment, with the expectations that a customer will pick up a logo pen and carry it home. While the promotional pen may be intended for use in store, the loss of one to a customer increases the chances that contact information or a brand will be seen.

Personalized pens have long been handed out as a gift of recognition or memento of a special occasion. From a President signing documents with multiple pens with the intention of handing them out as souvenirs to a student receiving a laser engraved pen as a graduation gift, pens and writing sets hold a special place in culture. A symbol of achievement, the gift pen can reward the hard work of an employee during an appreciation event.