Black History Month - February, 2018

Celebrate African American culture during Black History Month by handing out promotional items and gifts that will bring pride to your students. Teach all students about the accomplishments of African Americans in society.

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Celebrate African American Culture & History

The long struggles and monumental achievements of African Americans are highlighted each February during Black History Month. Schools and communities throughout the country will hold events that focus on black history and how it impacts our society today and into the future. A celebration of the success of a minority group once enslaved, Black History Month gives young students and adults a perspective that they may feel far removed from, but yet can never be forgotten.

Holding educational classes and informative events, schools and local organizations can give communities a chance to honor the African American leaders and heroes in their neighborhoods as well as in our country. From astronauts to the President of The United States, examples of success stories can fill the entire month of February. Handing out information, educational materials such as coloring books as well as reiminder giveaways to mark the events can raise awareness and understanding of this cultural benchmark.