Housekeeping Week & Environmental Services Week - September 9-15, 2018

International Housekeepers Week and Environmental Services Week mark the time to show appreciation to your housekeeping staff with custom imprinted gifts and personalized giveaways such as tote bags, lapel pins, mugs, and coolers. Recognize the entire staff including laundry and maintenance professionals who keep your facility running clean and efficient.

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Thank Housekeepers During International Housekeeping and Health Care Environmental Services Week

Housekeeping Week is a celebration of a group of staff members who work behind the scenes to maintain the quality and cleanliness of facilities such as hotels, motels, hospitals and healthcare facilities. An event that gives administration and management the opportunity to show these dedicated staff members appreciation for their hard work, Housekeepers Week includes luncheons, custom gifts of appreciation and recognition awards. The entire facility staff should be invited to thank these housekeepers throughout the week long event.

International Housekeeping Week focuses on the contributions of housekeepers who keep quality levels high at hotels and motels across the globe. Each one of these staff members work during off hours to prepare rooms for their guests and keep the hotel or motel as welcoming as a home away from home. Whether the appreciation gifts are chosen on a corporate level or if location management and department supervisors, housekeepers will enjoy receiving a sentiment in the form of a travel mug or lunch bag. These custom gifts can carry the sentiment along with the corporate logo, a display of pride for the staff member.

Healthcare housekeeping staff are concerned with cleanliness and sanitation of hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living locations and other health care facilities. Keeping the rooms of patients and residents clean and safe, these housekeepers perform a critical task in the maintenance of a sanitary facility. The housekeeping staff are true behind the scenes heroes, maintaining an environment that is conducive to healing and recovery. Gifts of appreciation, along with recognition during Housekeeping Week will show the staff that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.