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Promotional Key Tags & Carabiners

Promotional Key Tags & Carabiners

Custom Key Chains and Personalized Key Rings Can Unlock a Great Promotion

Promotional efforts strive to put a marketing piece in view as much as possible. Visibility of a promotional product is a measure of its effectiveness. Custom keychains are a powerful promotional tool due to the fact that recipients attach them to their keys, positioning them in a premier spot. Carrying keys is something we all do, whether we drive or not, and getting a personalized keytag paired with those keys means that the imprint will be viewed multiple times each day.

As a gift, key chains can take on a number of roles. For organizations looking to say thank you to a group of employees during a recognition event such as Teacher Appreciation Week, Nurses Week or Volunteer Week, a low cost plastic key tag can be a budget friendly way to show appreciation. The budget friendly nature of the key tag will be overshadowed by the sentiment that is customized on it, delivering a message of gratitude that will motivate and inspire.

Higher end gifting can take the shape of metal engraved key chains. Used as a corporate gift or as an award for employees reaching a goal, these custom items have a high-perceived value. Similar to retail gift key tags, these customized key rings have the heft of metal and the price of a promotional item. Engraving shows a logo or message in a classy way, motivating recipients each time they see it.