Custom Mints & Wrapped Candies

Individually packaged candies and mints help convey a message of thanks, show employees appreciation, reinforce a safety message, or announce a wedding or other event. Wrappers and candies come in a variety of colors and flavors.

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Promotional Mints Enhance Trade Shows, Weddings and Events

A bowl of custom mints is a welcome sight to anyone in search of a refreshing, minty boost to their day. A popular giveaway at trade shows, weddings, awareness events and at retail stores, custom mints offer a way to say thanks while delivering a custom printed message. With a variety of stock designed wrappers and candy flavors, promo mints are a budget friendly way to impress.

Part candy, part decoration, custom wrapped mints can be used in a number of ways at celebrations such as weddings. Custom mints can be strewn around the guest tables, displaying their printed message and creating an interesting decoration. Offered in restrooms and lobbies, bowls of mints are a nice touch, giving guests the opportunity to freshen up.

Corporate events such as trade shows, conferences and retreats can benefit from a display of custom mints. Attracting visitors at a show booth, promo mints in a bowl will be sought after by attendees, both as a mouth freshener and a sugar boost. Popular butter mint candy will have plenty of traffic to the booth. Custom wrapped candies can also be strategically placed in bowls on conference tables, giving attendees something to eat between breaks.