National Volunteer Appreciation Week - Say Thanks

Sometimes people just take for granted the work that others do out of the kindness of their hearts. National Volunteer Week marks the time of year when we say thank you to the volunteers who have helped to make everyone's day just a little brighter in your community.

Mark some time between April 15-21, 2018 to honor the volunteers in your organization.

School Volunteers
There are probably more volunteers in schools than you imagined. PTA or PTO members, parents who help at the school dance, business and political leaders in the community and often the students themselves. Why not set aside a special event during the week and reward each volunteer with a tasty Thanks for Volunteering Chocolate Bar. A little Thank You gift like this goes a long way and lets your volunteers know that you appreciate what they do to help make your school run better for teachers, staff and especially the students.

Hospital Volunteers
Not to far behind schools for numbers of volunteers are hospital and medical centers. Sometimes volunteering at a hospital can be trying and emotional. Volunteers have to put on a happy face to help patients feel better and improve their outlook. Honor your candy stripers and visiting volunteers with a Volunteer Lapel Pin that they can wear proudly for everyone to see. How about a warming gift like a Volunteer Soup Mug Set. Volunteer staff will surely appreciate this gift every time they take a lunch break.

Nursing Home Volunteers
As our population continues to age, so do the amount of nursing homes and assisited living centers around the county. Puzzle piece stress relievers make a fun handout to let your visitors know that they are a vital piece of the special care given to the residents. And a Volunteer Travel Mug will certainly set the tone for a great day before they plan their visit!

Events & Charity
Road races, walkathons, fairs and breakfasts are just a few of the events that are held to raise funds for a cause or to raise awareness. And who do you think runs these events? Volunteers, of course! Hang a National Volunteer Week Banner up around the event grounds or facility to promote volunteering in your community.

There are hundreds of stock and custom imprinted gift ideas available for the volunteers at your charity road race, fund raising picnic or anyone who helps to just beautify your community. In addition to honoring exisiting volunteers, National Volunteer Week is also a great time to recruit new people to the art and gift of giving!