Ideas For Celebrating International Housekeepers Week


There once was a time when we thought of chambermaids at old five star hotels with gray dresses and frilly white trim holding dusters in their hands and smiling like they had only one room to clean. Well, its not quite like that these days. Housekeeping staff employees face the challenges of maintaining rooms at hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and universities with a less sympathetic clientele who often leave their accommodations looking like Led Zeppelin or Keith Moon held 1970's rock and roll parties the previous evening.

And with more and more short business travel and weekend visits from cash strapped vacationers, the turnover of rooms means more challenges for housekeepers. The same goes for health care facilities forced to throw out patients a lot quicker these days due to health insurance limitations. So what does this mean to you, the inn keeper, health facility administrator or university residence director? It means over worked and stressed out personnel with low pay doing a job that couldtest even the strongest of will.

As an administrator at a health care facility, you may be overwhelmed yourself by the long to-do list that nursing assistants have on every shift. And because most men and women of this position must rely more on pride and accomplishment vs. getting rich, it is vital to remind them that their efforts are not just appreciated, but vital in the care that your hospital, clinic or establishment provides to its patients and their families.

Keeping housekeeping staff members motivated and proud requires a little pat on the back some times. After all, they are the last person to enter client's rooms before they check in. So how clean and inviting a room is will determine if a customer is satisfied with their stay. And nowadays, unhappy clients can do more then just not come back. They can tell their friends and worse yet, write a negative review on travel sites like tripadvisor or Yelp. You'd don't want a dirty bathroom or a tissue found under the sheets to cause your vacancy to rise because a disgruntled visitor felt cheated on their stay. You also want to maintain your facilities to prevent more expensive maintenancerepairs and upgrades from routine neglect.

Start off by designating an area at your facility to hold your party. Maybe a break room, locker area, employee lounge or locker room. Then add some festiveness by posting a banner or poster proclaiming the event and add balloons, posters and even photos of your dedicated staff members.

Management, supervisors and administrators should be invited to your Housekeeping Week event and asked to get up and say a few kind words to honor the housekeeping and related staff members and remind them how valuable they are to your organization. Call up staff members by name and hand out certificates of accomplishment (Promos On-Time offers free certificates and posters via downloads throughout our site).

When the ceremonies are complete, provide a spread of snacks or a meal. Serving bagels, pizza or ice cream puts a level of importance on your event which in turn will let your team members know they truly are appreciated and that you were willing to go the extra mile to let them know it. If you don't want to provide a full meal, then chips, salsa, cookies, cake and other treats will still leave a lasting impression and certainly won't make a dent in your budget.

If you want to take your message of thanks to the next level, then we suggest handing out small gifts of appreciation. A tote bag, backpack or duffel with either your custom imprint or a pre designed Housekeepers appreciation slogan like this years' 'Housekeeping: Our Shining Stars' will allow your staff to show their pride to and from work. A lunch bag or travel mug will remind them of their value to your company on every lunch break. And if you are budget limited, something as simple as a Housekeeping Staff Emergency Treat Pack full of candy will bring smiles and joy to all.

Remember to honor your employees during International Housekeepers Week and Environmental Housekeepers Week because the job they do is a direct reflection on the job you do.