Care Should Be Rewarded - National Nursing Assistants Week Ideas


Have you ever been hospitalized or spent a good amount of time at a hospital visiting a family member or friend. It is amazing the amount of care each and every patient requires no matter the reason for their stay. We all know who the doctors and the nurses are, and they are amazing professionals. But what about all of the other medical staff members that make the rounds 24 hours a day? These are Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA).

The daily tasks of a nursing assistant our almost endless. In addition to filling in for nurses on a lot of patient care issues, they are responsible for:

  • Admission aid
  • Taking important routine text like blood pressure and other counts
  • Assisting patients in their bathroom needs
  • Hygiene and comfort
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Storing patient valuables
  • Helping some patients with meals
  • Housekeeping duties
  • Discharge and transport when visit ends
  • and hundreds of more care responsibilities
  • As an administrator at a health care facility, you may be overwhelmed yourself by the long to-do list that nursing assistants have on every shift. And because most men and women of this position must rely more on pride and accomplishment vs. getting rich, it is vital to remind them that their efforts are not just appreciated, but vital in the care that your hospital, clinic or establishment provides to its patients and their families.

    Hospital staff members are segregated not by department, building, floor and shift, making it difficult to plan a recognition event for every nursing assistant. And the person or people planning these appreciation events can vary from company to company. Sometimes it is HR, employee relations, head of nursing or other department heads who are charged with the task. And sometimes it is held by individual medical sectors of a hospital. The good thing is that it is a weeklong event, so there is a safety net to cover every team member at some point.

    The best way to honor your nurse assistants is by shift. Departmentalizing the groups of assistants depends on the size of your establishment. But it is easiest to create one central theme that recognizes each member equally. Creating or incorporating an existing theme is half the battle. Your message of appreciation is established and you can decorate staff lounges, locker rooms or employee cafeterias with posters and balloons proclaiming National Nursing Assistants Week. Every staff member will walk around your facility with a gleam in their eyes and smile on their face because they know that they and their teammates our being singled out for their special care and effort.

    Choose a break such as breakfast, lunch or dinner and hold a small party. If room permits, allow your nursing assistants to invite a family member or friend to help them celebrate their special day. Make sure key senior members and physicians on staff get up and say a few nice words. Serve bagels in the morning, pizza for lunch or dinner or provide snacks like chips and pretzels, an ice cream cake and beverages. Have some fun by having nurse assistants bring in baby pictures or photos from when they were in school. The sense offamily will instill a team value that will more than pay for the decorations and food.

    At the end of your ceremony, make sure to recognize each nursing assistant professionals by name and hand out a personalized reward such as a lunch bag, coffee mug, backpack or tote bag. You can print your own message or choose from a wide selection of pre designed items that will convey your thoughts of appreciation just as well. You don't have to spend a lot of money. There are even low priced items like lapel pins and candy bars that will get your message across.

    As the popularity of CNA Week grows, so does our vast line or recognition gifts. Your will find a wide selection of useful items that staff members can use every day, on and off the job. Best of all, we have developed a wide selection of recognition slogans and graphics that will make it easy to convey your seniments. Your act of generosity will go along way in building morale and pride. More important then the revenues these professionals help generate is the care they provide to your patients.