Idea Guide: Exciting Ways to Celebrate Earth Day


Earth Day is one of those big days of the year where every individual, black and white, rich and poor, all come together to support their love and affection for the preservation of their dear planet, Earth. Eco-friendly and environment friendly habits can be started and maintained from this day on, and it's the perfect occasion to do so. As a company owner, manager, or simple employee, you will want to bring this think green spirit into your workplace. Please check out our range of exciting ideas for celebrating Earth Day with your employees, team members, and friends.

Make a Pledge! - It's as simple as that. Put up a Facebook event or flyers around the office advertising and inviting your colleagues to clean up a much-loved local attraction, such as a trail, beach, river, stream, or community entertainment grounds. Graffiti on walls can also be cleaned. All you need to get the event going is some huge black trash bags, buckets, soap, and water. The extra oomph of motivation for ideas like 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' will come from personalized caps, mugs, and t-shirts for your volunteers, from PromosonTime, all with your personalized Earth Day messages on them.

Give Your Employees and Customers 'Environmental Hero' Titles & Awards - Recognition and praise are two things that human beings desire by nature. Post your Earth Day event or towards the close of the night, announce and give out some nicely printed, color certificates or even a small gift from our Earth Day merchandise collection to the winners of the evening or afternoon's events. This will not only make the employees who have put their hard work & spirit into the day's activities feel more appreciated, but it will also build motivation and inspiration amongst the general workplace community to be more eco-friendly in the future. A similar event can also be hosted for clients and customers, perhaps via an e-mail blast where something may be put up for a giveaway in exchange for winning certain activities, for example. This can be done in conjunction with a fund raiser or banquet of sorts. The community members can nominate people they deserve to be recognized as Earth Day Heroes for their year-long efforts!

Host an Earth Day Concert - When it's about really inspiring your employees to integrate environment friendly habits into their personal and professional lives, you need to do something exciting! Think green, think lively, think awesome. Inviting one of the local famous bands to entertain your guests at this think green event will significantly increase how much they enjoy the day. Help them feel part of the crowd with the Earth Day lanyards, water bottles, and caps from PromosonTime. If you aren't sure where to source such eco-friendly singers from, get in touch with Earth Day Network for a list of suggested bands close to you.

Running Event or Walk-a-Thon - Why not hold a company-sponsored running event for this coming Earth Day ? All you need to do is invite your colleagues or employees and let them know the date and location for the venue. As a form of incentive, you can even offer personalized training in the lead up to the race. Inter-company walk-a-thons are also a possible idea. PromosonTime are even able to help you get hold of a range of slogan-carrying banners and murals. Each message, such as 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle' will motivate and inspire your runners and watchers to make a change and be more eco-friendly from this day on.

crystal_earth_recycle_svg_med.pngEnergy and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Fair - Setting up an exhibition or fair where activities and models relevant to recycling and environment friendly initiatives are displayed is also an effective way to communicate your company's enthusiasm for a green office. If possible, 1 or 2 local environment activists and leaders can be invited to the event to speak to the employees interested in this field. This day will be off the grid and help educate members in your workplace, customers included, about energy and think green initiatives, education, and much more. Also, to make the reach of your message wider, make sure some form of press, media, or photographer is on site during the event to cover it and publicize it later on. This links back to the domino effect on other similar companies.

Go on a Hike - There's no better way to get your coworkers to think green and fall in love with the environment then to envelope them in Mother Nature itself. Organize for a local hike on a weekend with your employees. This will be a casual friendly event in respect for Earth Day. The trip could go through local canyons, forests, or endangered habitats. Encourage the switching off of mobile devices, not using carbon-emitting cars or motorbikes, and only employing the use of natural survival strategies on the hike. Your employees will feel totally differently about the greenery, preservation of Earth and its beautiful landmarks once they return from this trip.

Creative Expressions: Paint a Mural or Write a Poem - There's always that one employee that's just as good at painting as they are at doing your company's accounts. Or you might have an eloquent poet with hidden talents in the workplace. A great way to help your employees open up, express their creativity and think green is to invite them to an Earth Day Talent Competition! This one can be conducted on whatever scale you wish. It could mean painting the largest ever Earth Day mural on the company premises. Of course, make sure you get permission from all authorities involved before doing that! Singing, poetry, painting, and so much can be done to encourage Earth Day spirit. You could even use the talent show as a means of raising funds for eco-friendly initiatives on behalf of the office.

All of the above ideas have been executed and utilized successfully to encourage environment friendly and eco-friendly habits in the workplace. From America to China, these ideas seem to work with every kind of commercial business. While some of these ideas may call for a larger budget and be beyond the scope of some businesses, one is always able to scale it down to fit your company's needs and abilities. The key is to promote teamwork, improve your brand image as a business that truly believes in the 'Reduce, Reuse, Recyle' motto. Celebrate Earth Day in style with our exclusive range of high-quality merchandise.