10 Ideas For Teacher Appreciation Week Celebrations


The school year is filled with a number of events focused on students. From homecoming to prom, there always seems to be an activity or event running. One celebration that many schools honor is for the school staff: Teacher Appreciation Week. Traditionally held in May, this event is observed in a variety of ways at different schools. Whether the plans are for a week or just a day of celebration the goal is clear, let teachers and school staff know how much they mean to the students, parents and communities that they serve.

Guiding children through their development both academically and socially, these educators are deserving of the praise they receive during the event. Administrators, PTA and students can combine their efforts to coordinate this week, using creativity and a little work to produce an event to remember. Here are a few proven ideas for how to say "Thanks" to educators in your school.

1. The Most Important Meal - Start the first day of Teacher Appreciation Week with a kickoff breakfast. Serve bagels, muffins and coffee in mugs with your own special message and school name printed on them. The mug will serve to remind staff how much they mean to their students at many breakfasts after the event. A breakfast can also close out the week of appreciation or even be held off school grounds on a weekend making it a big part of the celebration.

2. Guess Who - Have teachers bring in baby pictures of themselves,post them on a bulletin board and have students and staff members"guess the teacher." This fun game can be extended to the Facebookpage of the school, inviting involvement from parents and alumni aswell. Teachers will feel like celebrities, as they become the objectthis friendly competition. A gift for teachers that can tie into thistheme is a personalized picture frame, which can carry the schoolslogan or mascot along with a sentiment of thanks.

3. Mail Call - Leave little messages in teacher's mailboxes such as candy bars or other small teacher gifts. These budget friendly gifts can be a surprise each day during Teacher Appreciation Week, delivering a different sentiment every day. Reaching out to the students for ideas will make these even more meaningful. The unique surprise each day will delight staff members as they eagerly anticipate the discovery.

4. Help Keep it Together - Handing out useful planners and calendars to teachers and school staff members can help them keep their busy schedules in order. Even with the predominance of smart phones, classic personal planners are a practical way to keep appointments, jot notes and of course, display the school mascot or logo for pride. For a special touch, students can mark a day in the calendar wherethey will hold a teacher appreciation celebration.

5. We All Scream For Ice Cream - End the weeklong appreciation event with an ice cream party. Give teachers a double treat by having administrators and student volunteers serve the cool treats. A custom printed ice cream scoop that declares “Our Teachers Are the Coolest!” can be included as a gift that will carry on after the last cone is served.

6. Red Carpet Reception - In the months preceding Teacher & School Staff Appreciation, the students can be polled for a variety of fun categories as to which educator or staff member is the best example. Funniest, most socially networked, most creative, most likely to go cow tipping or any number of unique awards can be determined, posted and voted upon. The school staff can them be treated to an awards ceremony complete with a red carpet. All education staff can be recognized by department, with the honorees receiving individual gifts that relate to their award.

7. Teacher Prom - Give teachers a chance to get dressed up for a school dance. Whether held at an offsite catering hall or classically put on in the gym, all school staff members will get a kick out of the prom them. Encourage attendees to wear prom styles from their high school days, expecting to see plenty of unique attire. Student volunteers can serve as “chaperones,” taking photos for school publications and social network pages.

8. Pizza Party - The quintessential classic, a pizza party, is a budget friendly and tasty way to show teachers, school staff and administration appreciation for their efforts. As a stand-alone celebration or a part of a larger series of events, a pizza party will serve as a casual way for an assembly of educators to be recognized for their part in the development of students.

9. Hold a Tournament - Softball is a sport that all can participate in. Holding a softball tournament as a core event to build a Teacher Appreciation Week celebration on is a great way of building excitement. Each department can be invited to field a team, with those who don’t have enough given the opportunity to combine with others. The event can last though the week, culminating in a championship BBQ on the weekend where families can come and enjoy the festivities.

10. Practical Promotions - A popular way to say thanks, promotional products can serve as low cost gifts for teachers and staff. Some can be retail quality and carry a custom printed slogan or sentiment that will let the staff know that they are appreciated. Taking it one step further, the event planner can find a promotional gift that will be as practical as it is meaningful. This planning can translate into a travel mug for commuters, a rolling cooler bag for picnics or tailgating parties or even a lunch bag that can be used to tote a daily meal. The practicality will enhance the messaging of the product.

For the upcoming Teacher Appreciation Week celebration, an expanded line of product ideas and slogans have been selected and developed to bring smiles to everyone on your school staff. From "Teachers Sharpen Minds" and "Building the Bridge to Tomorrow" to 2019's new slogan; "Teachers & School Staff - Inspiring The Minds of the Future", there is a plethora of clever designs that convey your school districts' and community's appreciation.