Gifts for National Postal Worker's Day - July 1, 2020

Rain, sleet and snow don't stop postal delivery workers from bringing us our mail and packages. And all of the support staff make it happen behind the scenes. Our exclusively designed line of gifts convey your postal center and community's heartfelt appreciation.

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Reward Postal Workers for First Class Service

There are thousands of men and women who make up the national and local post office and they are responsible for the difficult job of making sure mail and packages get to their destination accurately and timely. Postal staff members in the streets or in the post office work under difficult deadlines, sometimes harsh conditions and do their best to make the customer number one.

Postal employees include the Postmaster, supervisors, letter carriers, support clerks, handlers, truckers, pilots and many other professionals. Each one plays a role in the quality of service in every town or city. National Post Office Workers Appreciation Day is a chance to say thank you to these dedicated workers. We offer a wide range of specially decorated products just for Postal Workers.

Our "Postal Workers Are First Class" design is imprinted on items ranging from t-shirts and lunch bags to travel mugs, lip balm and sunscreen. Staff members will get a kick out of these great gifts and will wear or use them with pride.