Personalized Pen Sets

Executive pens make for handsome gifts and corporate giveaways. Featuring metal and enamel finishes, these high end executive style pens give the feel of luxury at a fraction of the price. Engraved with your logo or message, these executive pens are perfect for the holidays, retirements, and employee recognition.

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Custom Pen Gift Sets

Signing a document or writing a note with an executive pen is a different experience than writing with an ordinary pen. Traditionally a symbol of formality and prestige and a common gift to graduates and dignitaries, executive pen sets custom printed with a logo or message will also impress as a corporate gift. Heavy weight pens made from metal and high end plastic finishes can be used as promotional tools, holiday gifts or as recognition gifts for staff.

With a long history of symbolism, the gift of a pen is a tradition that is held to this day. We see politicians signing important documents with multiple pens, handing each one to a respected guest of honor. This reflects the importance and value of the pen as an expression of gratitude. Rewarding benchmark achievements and important moments in life and history is just part of the executive pen story. Given out as a corporate gift, metal executive pens and pen gift sets deliver respect and a sentiment of appreciation to the recipient.

For graduates, the gift of an engraved executive pen or pen gift set will be a cherished symbol of their achievement. The tradition of such a valued reward for hard work and dedication is one that will live on as they use it to sign documents and project an executive presence.