Folding Flexi Bottles

In today's space saving world, promotional items like our folding flexi water bottles answer the call. Recipients will appreciate their portability, while you enjoy the ease and low expense of shipping them to convention halls or hotels for trade shows and conferences.

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Custom Foldable Drink Bottles

Water bottles are one of the most popular promotional giveaways on the market, but sometimes their size and bulk can be prohibitive for you as much as the end user. Plastic sports bottles can be folded or rolled up, and stored flat when not in use, saving space for the recipient in lunch bags and backpacks. But for you the buyer, flexible bottles are easy to store at your facility and much less expensive to ship to your trade show, conference or convention.

Convenient foldable flexi bottles come in a wide choice of sizes and colors. Many feature a handy carabiner so they can attach to backpacks or belt loops. Unique designed bottles make excellent gifts for professionals in your organization or clients and prospects who will see your ad with every sip!