Gifts for Emergency Nurses Week - October 9-15, 2019

You'll be pressed to find medical professionals who face more stress and pressure than Emergency Room Nurses. Reward these dedicated pros with gifts that will let them know that your entire facility recognizes how hard they work to treat patients and save lives.

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ER Nurses Appreciation Gift Ideas

Your dedicated team of emergency room nurses are at the ready to treat arrivals with almost every injury, trauma illness or malady. Within minutes, the ER department can be full and even over capacity with those in need of fast treatment.

ER nurses have to be ready for almost any situation at any time. It is not only a hard job, but it can be emotionally and physically draining. Sometimes a pat on the back is all it takes to let these thankless individuals know that your hospital knows what they do and how much patients rely on their professionalism and experience.

It is easy for any health care facility to put a little time aside before or after a shift to hold an appreciation event. Emergency Nurses Week provides an opportunity to throw a breakfast, lunch or dinner party to honor your ER staff. Decorate your break room with posters and balloons and get your entire facility in on the praise by hanging banners throughout your building.

Reward each emergency nurse team member with a tasteful gift that can be used and appreciated on and off the job like specially decorated apparel, drinkware, lunch bags, backpacks and electronic items. Not only will you be happy to say thank you, but your nurses will be even more motivated and dedicated to their vital job.