Hand Washing Awareness Week December 2-8, 2018

Promote the message of health by raising awareness of germs and how regular hand washing can help prevent colds, viruses and the flu. Choose from a selection of hand sanitizers and soap dispensers that can be imprinted with your organization's name and message.

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Stress The Importance Of Hand Washing With Promotional Hand Sanitizers

Cold and flu season inspires awareness efforts for a number of causes. Promoting flu shots for the community is number one on most health care organization lists. But another cause can go a long way towards controlling the flu and other colds during the flu season as well as throughout the year, hand washing. National Handwashing Awareness Week is an event dedicated to educating the public on proper hand washing techniques in the workplace and at home. For germ control and sanitary reasons, this cause is important to individual and public health.

From students to seniors, raising awareness of hand washing techniques can reduce incidences of cold and flu transmission. Distributing educational materials to students in school nurse offices, in medical office waiting rooms and classrooms is as easy as providing coloring books and lessons on hand washing and the flu. Tips on when and how it is best to wash hands is critical to keeping classrooms sanitary.

Raising awareness among employees and staff members can help keep an office healthy. Reinforcing hand washing requirements and the benefits of hand sanitizing can be accomplished through distributing educational materials on germs and custom bottles of hand sanitizer. Available in convenient bottles as well as packets, promotional hand sanitizer items can act as reminders to employees on the run.