Promotional Reading Lights

Promote books and reading by distributing clever book lights that allow users to enjoy a good novel or a magazine at night. Ideal for home, airplanes and other means of travel or outside on a nice evening.

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Custom Reading Lights

Inspire reading and love of books with custom printed promotional reading lights. Handed out in support of reading events and book clubs, reading lights bring the convenience of modern technology to the simple act of reading a book or magazine. For students or seniors, academics and casual readers, custom bookmark lights will shine a light on a logo or imprint from a library, school or organization.

Studying for class or reading for pleasure, students may find themselves reading in bed or in the back of a car on a drive with their family. Making reading easier with a book light while promoting a school mascot or library book club is a great way to keep them going on their path of education. A custom printed book light is a great reward for participating in a book club or reading challenge during Library Week or over summer break.

Another group of readers that will benefit from a promotional reading light are seniors. Reading is a favorite pastime of residents at nursing homes and assisted living facilities, making book lights a perfect gift. Handed out during Nursing Home Week, residents will put these convenient products to use while they read.