School Lunch Week - October 14-19, 2019

The importance of a nutritious meal in the middle of the day is important enough to have a special day at schools. Many kids make poor diet choices and they and their families can sometimes use some tips to making healthy choices in their diets to fuel academic and after school activities.

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School Lunch Week Reminders

Raise awareness of the importance of school lunch by helping children and parents make good nutritional choices when planning school lunch. Combating the ease of fast food, educators and nutritionist fight an uphill battle on a daily basis. Convincing students that an apple is a better snack choice than chips and that a home made sandwich or a school prepared lunch is more nutritious than a fast food solution is a challenge when the opposition is leveraging low cost, ease of purchase and in your face advertising.

School Lunch Week awareness products help tip the scales in favor of nutritious school lunches, letting parents know what is available to them. Schools take time and resources to promote the value of school lunch and its impact on the performance of a student academically.