Drug Prevention and No Smoking Products

Drug Prevention & No Smoking Products

It's hard enough running a school or school district. Keeping drugs and cigarettes out of your schools and the lives of students is one way to keep the focus on learning and thriving. Choose from a wide selection of Red Ribbon Week and year round drug prevention and non-smoking promotional handouts.

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Raise Drug Prevention Awareness and Anti Smoking Education Tools

It is every students right to go to school and focus on learning and experiencing, social development and growth. Unfortunately issues like drugs and smoking infringe upon students' rights and inhibit the potential of countless children. Commitment to keeping our schools safe starts with a dedication to keeping them drug free. Almost every unsafe activity at school, whether it be gangs, bullies or theft is rooted in drugs.

Celebrations such as Red Ribbon Week and pep rallies with anti drug themes can go a long way towards educating children on the dangers of drugs and how to avoid them. By cutting off the market, little by little, those who would look to bring drugs into a school environment will find less buyers. A great way to welcome back students and get them started on a drug free year is to give them a gift of a red ribbon, which they can display until Red Ribbon Week in October, showing support for the drug free cause.

Coloring books that create awareness for drug prevention and the dangers of smoking can reach students in elementary schools, creating a foundation for saying no to the pressure. Giveaways and reminders can carry a message of prevention with students and teachers.