Student Award Lapel Pins

Students can show off their pride to faculty, friends and family with attractive metal lapel pins and satin ribbons. Available in an almost endless choice of themes, curriculums and school mascot characters, these pins are great to hand out at award ceremonies, sporting events and pep rallies.

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Lapel Pins Reward Academic Achievement & Promote School Pride

Lapel pins have long been a symbol of recognition. Academic achievement can be rewarded with student award lapel pins. Honor roll, perfect attendance and student athlete are some of the popular award lapel pin designs that make great recognition gifts to graduating and active students. Students work hard towards academic goals and when they attain them they should be rewarded in a way that will inspire pride. Lapel pins that honor these students are symbolic of their hard work and can be worn to school events or held on to for years to come, an enduring symbol of achievement. School pins are not just for academic endeavors. Athletic participation, student council and school pride can all be honored with lapel pin gifts.

Lapel pins featuring a school mascot can inspire students and communities to support their local schools. Given out to club and organization members or offered for sale at school fundraising events, these mascot lapel pins will be worn with pride. Comfortable on a varsity jacket as well as a suit lapel, these pins will build support for student activities.