Custom Satin Ribbons

Satin ribbons with a foil stamped message will help to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness, Red Ribbon Week and dozens of other worthy causes and themes.

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Custom Awareness Ribbons

Satin ribbon awards are ideal for school events, charities and awareness functions. Red Ribbon Week in October is an anti-drug campaign that features the wearing of red ribbons at school. Schools also hand out custom ribbons to students for events such as scholastic achievements and athletic participation.

Personalized ribbons are also used at awareness walks and runs to identify donors, volunteers, event coordinators, participants and survivors. These are durable ribbons imprinted with a slogan or logo that will last even after multiple times worn.

Available in a wide selection of sizes and colors, award and awareness ribbons feature adhesive backing which makes them easy and safe to apply. Children will be proud to display a message on their shirts and grown ups will be proud to support their cause when they wear these timeless and economical ribbons.