Promotional Business Card Holders

Leave your mark by making your sales representatives' business cards readily available to customers and potential clients. Personalized business card holders are ideal for your own staff or as gifts for your clients.

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Custom Business Card Holders

People still exchange business cards and personalized business card cases keep them in one place allowing for ease in handing them out to potential clients.

Customized business card holders can be displayed a variety of places, such as desks, counter displays or remote settings. Thereby making it convenient for clients, patients or passersby to pick up a card and have your name, number, address, email address or website within eye's reach. Business card holders are also ideal for displays at trade shows and seminars.

An imprinted business card holder is useful for any service industry. Professionals such as accountants or lawyers, physicians, dentists and medical specialists all utilize business cards. A business card is a great reminder of the products and services you can provide to members of the community or your industry.