Reminders for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month - September, 2019

Raise awareness of the potentially serious form of cancer in men that can be treated early. Proper testing is vital to catching Prostate Cancer in its beginning stages and this can be accomplished by encouraging patients to get regular checkups.

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Raise Prostate Cancer Awareness With Giveaways and Reminders

Awareness events are critical to raising funds and educating the public on diseases, many of which can be prevented or treated early. Prostate cancer is a form of cancer that can be highly treatable if discovered early. The phrase: Early Detection is the Best Protection applies in the case of prostate cancer almost more than any other form of cancer. Unfortunately, the fact that prostate cancer is a male disease complicates the benefits of early detection. Notoriously reluctant to visit doctors and get checkups, men can often delay a checkup, even with the presence of symptoms or risk factors. This delay can make a treatable case of prostate cancer into one that is more difficult to beat.

Prostate cancer affects more and more men as they get older. Promote regular screenings and checkups with every adult male in your community with Prostate Cancer awareness items and educational tools. A reminder will help motivate even the most stubborn men to make an appointment with their physician. Hand out to other family members to educate them and help them to understand the facts on prostate cancer. Used to support events during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month such as walks and runs, these items can carry emergency contact information, fundraising organization logos or other support information.