Gifts for Make a Difference Day - October 27, 2018

Every year, Make A Difference Day occurs to promote volunteerism in communities. On that day, citizens are asked to come out and help in different ways at different events and in places where people's days can be made better. Celebrate by awarding volunteers who participate in making the world a brighter place.

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Thank Volunteers For Participating In Make a Difference Day

Communities can always benefit from the contributions of volunteers. On Make a Difference Day<, the call goes out to all members of a community to pitch in in any way they can. From cleaning up parks and public areas to volunteering time and services to soup kitchens and healthcare organizations, local residents can become volunteers for a day. Of course the hope being that the positive experience of volunteering will inspire the participants to continue year after year.

The volunteers who take part in Make a Difference Day can be rewarded with a custom volunteer gift that shows appreciation for their efforts. A small token of thanks such as a custom travel mug, backpack or lunch bag can be imprinted with a sentiment of appreciation. These gifts will go on to remind the volunteer of how much they mean to the community and the beneficiaries of their volunteer work.