Novelty Magnets

Break the ice at your next trade show or sales call with novelty magnets. These unique custom magnets are sure to bring a smile to recipients' faces as they pick them up and read the humorous designs. Outdoor magnets keep your message in full view by holding on regardless of the weather.

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Promote Smiles With Fun Novelty and Mood Magnets

Promotional products are always more effective when they can bring a smile to the recipient. That is especially true in the case of mood magnets and novelty magnets. These custom refrigerator magnets feature unique shapes and interesting designs that will draw the attention of any passerby.

Mood magnets are popular magnets that offer the ability to select a funny mood from a chart of options. Recipients of these custom magnets will appreciate the ability to interact with the item, allowing it to convey their daily mood in a lighthearted and humorous way. Each time someone checks their mood; they will be presented with the custom imprint of the advertising company or organization.

Businesses and organizations can employ special shaped magnets such as puzzle piece shapes and other unique magnet designs to create a humorous promotion. Magnets can be tied into teamwork and motivational events, with pieces being given to individuals with the task of uniting them in a team building exercise.