Custom Magnetic Photo Frames

Custom printed magnetic photo frames keep your logo or message as well as a cherished photo displayed on any file cabinet, refrigerator or metal surface. Magnetic photo frames are great as gifts for parents, teachers, nurses or staff, and provide an easy to mail promotion for companies.

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Frame Your Next Promotion With Magnetic Photo Frames

A magnetic photo frame provides a variety of promotional applications for those who hand them out at their events. Custom printing the borders of the frame as well as strategically imprinting the pop out center will result in two promotional magnets for the price of one. Recipients will appreciate the ability to frame pictures on their refrigerators, rather than just posting them up.

School events can include a special gift for parents. Giving out a custom magnetic photo frame is a great way to mark the graduation or achievement of a student. Combining school pride with accolade for their child, these simple, yet effective magnet frames will be displayed with pride.

As a giveaway for small businesses, custom photo frame magnets are a value added promotion. Customers end up receiving a unique frame for posting pictures on a refrigerator or metal file cabinet, as well as a separate magnet that can display contact information or the branded logo of the company that handed them out. This effectively personalizes the promotional product, increasing the chance that it will be displayed for an extended period of time.