Custom Shaped Magnets

Tie in your next promotion with a custom magnet. These magnets come in a variety of shapes and sizes including light bulbs, stars, teeth and more, opening up the possibility to match the magnet to any theme or profession. Personalize with your logo or imprint message for maximum impact.

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Find The Perfect Shape Magnet For Your Next Event Or Promotion

The only limit to a promotional magnet is the imagination of the advertiser. There are magnets available in all shapes and sizes that will allow for creative promotional and event tie ins for businesses and planners. From pizza shaped magnets to heart shaped save the date magnets, a fit can be found for any need. These low cost, easy to mail magnets will also fit any budget, making them the perfect insert for packages and mailings.

Business applications for shaped magnets are a given. Real estate and insurance companies will find a variety of house shaped magnets and car shaped magnets, which will carry their logo and information to their clients and prospects. Novel shaped fridge magnets will keep the organizationsí branding in quick view on a refrigerator or file cabinet. Retail stores can find magnet shapes that will take their product to the fridge in a unique way, serving up a slice of pizza magnet, ice cream cone or other unique shape.

Recently, the most popular use for shaped magnets is as save the date announcements. Unlike paper greetings, save the date magnets will be a constant reminder of the upcoming event or wedding. Wedding magnets are not restricted to traditional shapes or photo graphics. Wedding planners can use unique shaped magnets to tie into a special themed party, setting the tone for it early in the year. A heart shaped wedding magnet is just the beginning. Baby bottle magnets and foot shaped magnets can be used by doctors or as birth announcements for new parents.