National School Breakfast Week Ė March 4-9, 2019

Educate children and their families on the importance of eating a full and nutritious breakfast every day. National School Breakfast Week offers you a chance to promote this vital meal that starts off each busy day.

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Raise Awareness of The Importance of a Nutritious School Breakfast

School children require a nutritious breakfast to get them ready for a long day of learning. Unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge or lack of ability, some children begin their day with an unsatisfactory or even no breakfast at all. In order to combat this occurrence, communities can organize events during National School Breakfast Week. Leveraging news channels and newspapers, schools and community leaders can inspire more emphasis to be put on school breakfast programs. Events can also serve to educate those who donít qualify for free breakfasts, creating awareness of the My Plate nutritional breakdown, the successor to the food pyramid.

School Breakfast Week events can feature table top distribution of materials as well as demonstrations from food service staff. A tasting can entice families to sample some of the nutritious foods that are being offered to their children. Reminders and promotional materials that display slogans and reminders of how important breakfast is to a growing child can be given out to attendees. The lessons of nutrition do not have to be limited to school breakfast. Awareness of the dangers of fast foods and weight related issues can also be addressed.