Promotional Stick Up & Magnet Calendars

Promotional stick up and magnetic calendars make it easy to keep your contact information, company logo or message visible year round. Custom magnet calendars can be displayed on refidgerators, file cabinets or where ever there is a metal surface, an easy reference to the calendar and your logo. A low cost gift or giveaway, customers and employees will both appreciate the gift.

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Custom Stick Up Calendars and Promotional Magnetic Calendars

Combining the best of three worlds, stickup calendars are part greeting card, part magnet and part calendar. These lightweight low cost calendars provide the ability to give out a useful calendar with a custom imprinted message, and actually have it remain visible for an entire year. These stick up calendars provide a reference tool for the office, a cubicle or even the home.

Conveniently hung wherever there is a metal surface, these magnetic calendars will continue to display a custom printed message throughout the year. This longevity make them better than greeting cards and perfect for holiday greetings, seasonal events such as Customer Service Week and awareness events such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Health care offices can use magnetic calendars and stick up calendars to keep their contact information handy. Patients can receive an ez to stick magnetic calendar in place of a business card. The calendar is far more useful and allows the doctor or dentist to give a gift as well as an advertisement.