Special Shape Stress Balls

Stress balls come in just about every shape. Choose from round, bulb, question mark, number one and many other shapes of stress relievers that are likely to fit your promotional theme and marketing budget. Custom stress relievers are available in a wide selection of colors with your imprinted logo and message.

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Promotional Shaped Stress Balls

One of the best qualities of a promotional stress ball is the variety of shapes that they come in. Some of the most popular shaped stress balls are of course the most common. Round stress balls, heart shaped stress balls and star shaped stress balls can be found to carry a custom imprint or logo for an event or promotion. But there are so many creative shaped stress ball designs available that the possibilities are only restricted by the imagination of the advertiser.

The obvious application of some of the most popular shapes do not make them any less powerful. Heart shaped stress balls can range from supporting Heart Health Month to becoming an appreciation gift for staff that are the “Heart of the Organization.” From nurses to teachers, these stress balls become cherished symbols of appreciation at recognition events. Giving out a star shaped stress reliever can make an employee feel special and provide a fun desk accessory that delivers the message each time it is grabbed.