Children’s Health & Safety Awareness Products

Coloring & Activity Books, Stickers and other fun vehicles make great handouts for your presentation to younger students on important health and safety topics including fire prevention, nutrition and stranger danger.

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Children’s Health & Safety Educational Giveaways

Health issues for children are always a major concern of health care providers and institutions. Organizations can help educate the public through community outreach to parents, teachers and kids through educational giveaways that focus on children’s health and safety. Coloring books, stickers and other promotional giveaways can be used to raise topics such as nutrition, stranger danger, dental care and other children’s health initiatives.

Healthcare professionals can place educational coloring books and educational giveaways in office waiting rooms and examination rooms. These educational, yet fun, giveaways are a great way to engage children and keep them occupied during a visit to the doctor or dentist. The pairing of the educational material with the fun of a coloring book or sticker opens the opportunity to discuss topics like nutrition, dental care and exercise.

Safety is also an important issue for kids. Keeping kids safe through education on how to call 911, how to avoid stranger danger, internet safety and other concerns can be addressed through educational giveaways. In addition to educational activity books and stickers, safety items like whistles and kids fingerprint ID kits can help children learn about safety.