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Birthday Cards for Recognizing Staff & Business Customers

The simple gesture of sending a birthday card can say so much. It is more personal than a holiday greeting card and carries a special sentiment to the recipient that makes them feel thought of. Businesses can use birthday cards to recognize each of their staff members or as a unique opportunity to engage their clients. Buying business birthday cards in bulk ensures that there will always be greetings available to reach out and say Happy Birthday.

Employees are used to whole office recognition events. From the holiday season in December to the 4th of July, there are standard events that will result in an appreciation gift from management, along with a "thank you” for a job well done. But a birthday is an event that is personal and a birthday card is more meaningful. Companies can give each staff member a birthday card, along with a scratch off ticket or gift card to celebrate their special day. Human resource departments can stock bulk birthday cards and mail them in monthly or weekly batches.

Opportunities to reach clients come seasonally and based upon inventory and service needs. There is one wild card that will set a savvy salesperson or creative corporate representative out from the rest, birthday greetings. A corporate birthday card is, at the core, a simple way to remind your customer or prospect that you are there. Keeping a supply of birthday cards, custom printed with your contact information is a great way of keeping in touch with customers.