Rush Gifts For Doctors...Stat!

By Michael Lerner
Wednesday, February 12th 2020
Although Doctor's Day 2020 is around the corner, there are still options on how you can show them appreciation this spring. From rush production and stock printed items to grouping Doctors along with the rest of staff during Hospital Week, an organization can show each doctor how much they mean to the patients they serve.

3, 2, 1 Day Production - There are a wide variety of promotional products available that can be produced in a rush. From key tags to Koozies, there are items that will carry an appreciation message to doctors and stay within budget. When combined with expedited shipping, these rush products can arrive in time for Doctors Day, even if the event organizer has procrastinated to the last minute.

Stock Items - Appreciation doesn't have to be 100% personalized. There are an assortment of stock gifts that are available that would make a doctor feel appreciated. Custom soup mugs complete with soup and gift packaging, lapel pins and pre-printed mugs carry an appreciation message. These items don't have to be printed so the production time is cut down, expediting your doctor gifts to your event.

Hospital Week - Missed out on Doctor's Day? Plan for Hospital Week, where you can celebrate the entire staff of the hospital. Approach doctors with a gift that their staff will be receiving as well and the team will be reinforced. Incorporating the doctors into a group celebration means bridging the gap between them and the rest of the hospital.