Activity Professionals Week Ideas

By Michael Lerner
Wednesday, January 8th 2020
Each January, special leaders are honored in the community for their work with older adults and seniors. Activity Professionals Week is celebrated in nursing homes, assisted living centers, retirement communities and local senior centers. Activity Professionals help to improve the daily lives for many loved ones, getting them out of bed and away from their televisions and four walls.

While these caring and compassionate people improve the quality of life for others, they rarely receive the accolades they thoroughly deserve. Put this time aside to honor Activity Professionals and say thank you and let them know how much they mean to so many.

For facility directors or administrators and community leaders, Activity Professionals Week provides an opportunity to promote activities that will bring smiles to the staff members themselves. Here are just a handful of great ideas to make your event memorable.

1. Kick off the week with a breakfast. Economical alternatives include donuts or bagels, spreads, coffee, juice and milk.

2. Let patients and visitors know how you feel about your Activity Professionals by decorating your facility with colorful balloons, banners and posters. The sense of pride will be infectious.

3. Break up the week with a lunch or dinner (assuming there are evening shifts). Everyone loves pizza, hot dogs or hamburgers. Or encourage other departments to provide homemade treats. Ice cream or cake also make a nice breaktime event that will hit the sweet tooth.

4. Have some fun amongst the community by having a guess the photo contest with Activity Professionals bringing in pictures of themselves when they were kids.

5. Hold an awards ceremony for professionals reaching milestones or who have a resident or family with a great story about how they changed somone's life. Hand out plaques or certificates with each recipients' name.

6. Ask local politicians, business leaders and even care recipients to get up at an informal ceremony to praise the work and accomplishments of the Activity Professionals at your facility.

7. Hand out personalized gifts and promotional items that feature your organization's name or logo along with a sentiment of appreciation. Recipients always like food gifts, drinkware, bags and tech items. You can find a wide selection of Activity Professional Gifts here.