Hand Washing & Influenza Vaccination

By Michael Lerner
Thursday, December 12th 2019
The winter is the prime season for spreading germs that result in colds and the flu. It’s critical to encourage people to wash their hands and practice other habits that prevent illness.

Promos On-Time offers you a wide assortment of hand sanitizers and awareness items that will help you protect customers, employees and associates from germs that can be spread in offices, doorways, restrooms and other public areas.

Check out our hand sanitizers, available in every shape and size to fight germs, from the Counter Gel Hand Dispenser to the Instant Hand Cleaner Pocket Pack to the convenient Clip & Carry Hand Cleaner and Cozy Clip Hand Sanitizer.

Educate adults with the "Cold & Flu Prevention” Pocket Slider, "Germs Key Points” Pocket Guide, "Cold & Flu” Pocket Slider and "Facts About H1N1 Virus Key Points” Pocket Guide. Introduce children to germ prevention by presenting them with the "Fight Germs With Pengy Penguin” Coloring & Activity Book.

Remind youngsters to wash their hands with the "Wild About Clean Hands” and "Germ Buster” Stickers, and reward them with "I Just Got My Flu Shot!” Buttons and Lollipops. Remind your employees to wash their hands with the "Be Wise…Sanitize” Infection Prevention Badge Holder.

When you add your name, logo and message to these products, you let every recipient know that you care. Act now, since these two events are just weeks away. Look over our selection of items that will help fight germs and disease in your workplace or community.