Fire Safety Is Always In Season

By Michael Lerner
Thursday, August 22nd 2019

Fire Safety Month is of course in October; however, the dangers from fires never take time off. Therefore, educating the public is of the utmost importance in every community. Even the smallest spark can lead to uncontrollable infernos consuming thousands or acres of forests, neighborhoods, and cause immeasurable damage and heartbreak. Human habits and Mother Nature both contribute to this devastation. Although there may not be much to do about nature, communities can reeducate their neighbors one how to do their best to change certain behaviors, such as tossing out lit cigarette butts, improperly disposing of hot charcoal, and to adhere to fire bans when given.

In conjunction with educating on fire prevention, there is a great need to instruct the community on what to do in the home to protect against fires and what to do should a fire break out. There are several means for firefighters and city officials to get the message out about fire safety. For example, they can turn to local news outlets, public facilities such as libraries or schools, as well as online forums or social media sites. These avenues of communication will offer the maximum amount of publicity without the need to waste time on canvassing neighborhoods or mailing out letters, which is time that could be spent educating the community.

Fire safety professionals will find it easier to inform the public with helpful tools that can be given out to the public as constant reminders of fire prevention awareness. Customizable products such as the following will aid in helping children understand.

  • Escaping Fire Danger Coloring & Activity Book
  • Fire Safety Coloring & Activity Book
  • A Trip To The Fire Station Coloring & Activities Book
  • Practice Fire Safety Coloring & Activities Book
  • Stop, Drop & Roll Stickers
  • Children's Plastic Fire Safety Hat

    There are item for families as well like the following, which will aid in being reminders and help in planning.

  • Home Fire Hazards Pocket Guide
  • Fire Hazards & Escape Plan Pocket Slider
  • First Aid Safety Tips Slider
  • Fire Safety Handout Bag - 9" x 12"
  • Fire & Home Safety Slider

    Experts should be sure to include a message about preventing forest fires, especially during the summers months when camping is a very popular family activity. In addition, bringing awareness about how important it is for the home to have properly functioning fire and carbon monoxide alarms, is imperative. Many tragedies could have been avoided if only the home was equipped with these life saving devices. This can be done by a simple calendar magnet handout, so the family can get on a schedule of regularly testing the alarms and replacing the batteries.

    A community that is fire prevention educated is a much stronger and safer place for all its residents. When all humans habits are changed, every kid sees firefighters as real people instead of fun characters in a book, each home is equipped with working fire alarms, and all families have real plans on what to do in the event of a fire, only then will the need to educate be done. Until then, these important messages need to continue throughout the year in every neighborhood across the country. Act today, don’t let a preventable fire devastate your community or your family.

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